My three cats

Mauzi is the oldest of our three cats. She was a rescue kitten and we got her when she was only 2 month old in 2002. Shes most of the time on the first floor of our house where my parents live and rarely wants to go outside in her old age. She loves the balcony of my parents, its her little empire :D

† 09.10.2018


Mama was our second oldest cat and a stray when she came to us in 2005. It was winter and we just came home from grocery shopping, when we noticed that two cats were looking for food near our dumpsters. My mom went inside and gave them some cat food, because Mama and her kitten were starving. She was very aggressive back then and didnt allow you to pet her without hissing and clawing at you. Almost like a wild cat.

It took over 5 years for her to get used to us and let us pet her. She is used to live inside the house now and only gets outside when she really wants it because the first floor became her confy zone :D

She was a lap cat till the very end. She passed away 9th october 2018

Blacky is the youngest and also came to us as a stray cat. He is the most lovely and crazyiest cat I`ve met in my entire live. Just like Mama he was walking around in our garden really hungry. I noticed him the first time when I heard him meow on the fence to our neighbour. The next day he was there again and I went outside, took him to our terrace and gave him food. Since then he came back here every day and had no problem going inside. But because so many of our old cats died by cars I swore that this will never happen again. So Blacky can only got outside when one of us is with him and look where he goes.

At first it was difficult for him to not be able to go outside at night, because he was used to that when he was a stray. But he overcame that and every night I go to sleep he always wants to be next to me :)