Märklin since I was a child

My family had model trains as far as I can remember. It all started when my grandfather bought his first few trains in the sixtees. My dad was born in 49 so he grew up with it too. Its always been Märklin and every year during christmas season. So my grandpa and dad changed it every year and bought new trains from time to time.

It was christmas 1995 when I got my first märklin set from my grandparents and it didnt take me long to invest my own savings in more.

The oldest "Märklin" trains and "Faller" buildings we have are from the fifties and sixties. With the newer digital stuff its a good mix from 1950 to 2016. Its not all trains out of only one region. Thats just not what I and my dad like. We have many diffrent ones like you see in the picture with the Union pacific, the german ICE and some trains from the netherlands and denmark. But you'll see that in the picture section anyways :D