PDC european darts matchplay 2017

Elmar Paulke interviewing Mensur Suljovic

The finals of the european darts matchplay of the PDC was held in Hamburg this year. I and my good friend Tobi @L1veleech on twitter went there to watch it.

Well I had to meet with Tobi first so thats me arriving in hamburgs main train station.

Quite a view isnt it? Even though Hamburg is the second largest city in germany, its main train station is only the third biggest train station in germany. The second largest being Frankfurt and the biggest is Munichs

Since I arrived a day before the event, Tobi had the day already planed with alot of sightseeing in the area around the Elbe river.

The next day we went to Wilhelmsburg in Hamburg were the event took place

We thought we were early to arrive there but oh how wrong we were

Those are the people that arrived after us and I can tell you that the heat was killing us xD

Finally inside with the german darts commentator Elmar Paulke kicking off the show. He does the events all the time and usally is commentationg the PDC events in TV

Christo Reyes and Peter Wright walkon

When the players had a break between matches, the real party in the arena started xD

Peter Hudson and Michael van Gerwen walkon

So who won the Final?

The final match was between Mensur Suljovic and Michael van Gerwen. We hoped that Mensur would win because he is one of our favorites, but in the end Michael van Gerwen won 6:3 against Mensur

The next day I was heading home, but I still got the chance to take a few more pictures of Hamburg for you :D