My Greenhouse

Hello and welcome to my little greenhouse. This is the place where I grow all my plants from seeds and cultivate them.

I write everything in english and do one video in german.

Wer also nicht alles lesen möchte, kann sich auch die Videos angucken weil ich dort alles auf deutsch erkläre ;)



I got these bowls that are like mini greenhouses

In April I start off with the seeds of Tagetis patula, Tropaeum, Malva, Callendula officinalis and Centaurea cyanus.

I put a small amount of soil mixed with sand into those bowls. Because if you want your seedlings to grow many roots, the soil should have almost no nutrients in it.

All the plants named above except the Centaurea shoot only in the dark. So you put just a little soil on them. The Centaurea shoot with much light.

After a few days the first seedlings show up.

Its gonna take a few more days for all of them to shoot and grow, so expect updates very soon.



 Hier habe ich das ganze in einem Video erklärt


Centaurea cyanus bottom left, Callendula officinalis top left, Tagetis patula on the right

Its been a few weeks and as you can see, most of the seedlings have grown and are now ready.

There are two methods you can use. The first being puting them into small 1 cm pots for the roots to grow more. But I use the second, puting them into 9 cm pots

Tagetis patula

But going back to "how". Like you see in the picture on the right I use a stick to get the plants out of the bowl. You need to be really carefull not to damage the roots!


I do this because the seedlings got plenty of roots already and it saves time to put the plants in the 9 cm pots instead of waiting for the roots to grow more.

This soil got plenty of nutrients that the plants need for the next few weeks. Its a mix out of soil from my compost, sand and fertilizer.

You may notice that theres not just one Tagetis in one pot. There are three in every single one. Why? Because one doesnt look good alone and blooms less, also because a 9 cm pot is enough for three to fit.

Here is a nice example with a Centaurea how the roots should look when you get the plants out of the bowl savely

The plants in the bowls arnt the only ones I cultivate. In the picture on the left there are the first few radish seedlings. I also have 4 rows of peas that are on the left and right side of this picture. But as you can see the seedlings are a little close to another. So I need to separate them too.

The last thing I do at this time of the year is go on a market and buy three good cucumber plants. They grow along the wall of the greenhouse on wires. You get to see how many Im gonna harvest in july.


Hier wieder das ganze in einem Video von mir auf deutsch erklärt.


Well its been awhile and the Tagettis patulas have grown more and start to bloom.

The Centaurea and Calendula are well grown too and Im gonna plant them in one of the flower beds

The cucumbers are ripe and its time to harvest. I can harvest them till august, after that there wont be any new ones that get to a decent size.

I never imagened that the radish would be this good, because of experience in the past but these ones are incredible! Decent size and a real good taste! I harvested most of them already and put the next rows of seeds in the soil.

These pictures of the peas are a bit older (2 weeks) and they are double in size currently. They got plenty of pods already and I think in july there are alot to harvest :D